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By selecting the best varieties via a lot of research, we procure milk for our ghee that is produced using the latest techniques. We have surpassed our consumers’ expectations with our competitive edge by ensuring the purity and natural goodness of ghee at every step of production:

Our Quality

At Fable Foods we believe quality is a consistent process that needs ongoing monitoring and up gradation. Our products are processed under ultra-hygienic conditions and undergo stringent quality checks right from the milk that we procure to the ghee variant, thus ensuring quality, freshness, taste, aroma and flavor.

We have our own quality control systems based upon TQM (Total Quality Management) concept applicable to all our group activities, policies, principles and mandatory standards. We also have the recommended tools for its implementation.

Our Certifications

Our manufacturing standards, work ethics and quality of products have been recognized and appreciated, and the results are the certification from various government agencies: